A male wins prom queen. What a massive insult to all females. Is this the Democrat war on women? Teenage girls whining about not being voted prom queen and making snarky comments is just as dangerous as fundamentalist Muslim terrorist? I don’t think so. Why are we allowing liberals to control the dialog?

The College Fix: Godwin’s Law – the inevitability of long Internet debates devolving into Hitler name-calling – may have a new corollary.

Being miffed that a boy was named prom queen is now seen as prima facie evidence you are capable of committing terrorism.

The parent of a student at New York’s LaGuardia High School – made famous by the movie Fame – contacted the school after she saw a snarky post by a girl about her “non-binary” classmate being crowned prom queen, The New York Post reports […]

Parent Mona Davids – keep in mind, not related to prom queen Matthew Crisson – also contacted the city Department of Education’s new LGBTQ “community liaison.” She said those “catty” comments were in response to “something so wonderful and positive,” so it’s not a stretch to conclude…

“It was very alarming to me, considering what happened in Orlando and how these things can get out of hand.”

That’s right. Politically incorrect comments by girls who see this incident as just another example of sexism – Crisson does not even identify as female – are going to stock up on semi-automatic weapons and shoot up the school because they didn’t get a tiara. More