Wondering if these figures also include health coverage? Along with the pensions and benefits, pay is only the baseline of these professors income. One reason California has a huge budget crisis is all of these college professors and bureaucrats who get paid more than the Governor of the state. Not that he isn’t overpaid too.

The College Fix: Several UC Berkeley economics professors who support “income inequality” research each earn more than $300,000 a year, putting them in the top 2 percent of the public university’s salary distribution, according to a recent report by a nonpartisan California think tank.

The report pointed out that the prominent scholars leading or advising the Cal Berkeley Center for Equitable Growth are richly compensated as professors, even as the center seeks to research ways to create economic growth that is “fairly shared,” the center’s website states.

But the California Policy Center report, using 2014 data from the state’s public records, found Cal’s equitable growth center’s director, economics Professor Emmanuel Saez, earned an annual salary of just under $350,000. More