To defeat ISIS, we must become as ruthless as they are… The longer we let ISIS live, the more civilians they kill. These people hide & fight from schools and hospitals. There’s nothing pure about war. It’s brutal and dirty. If the US president sat paralyzed worrying about civilian casualties and political correctness this much during WWII, like Obama is currently doing, the Germans would have continued their genocide.

Fox News: To defeat ISIS, we must become as ruthless as they are, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” today.

Peters said that the top officials in the Obama administration don’t have military experience, so they have a “fantasy” view of a bloodless war with zero collateral damage.

“You cannot win like that,” Peters stated. “We have done an amazing job of minimizing collateral damage, to the extent that we’re not being fully effective.”

He said that as the Islamic State spreads around the world, our military strategy needs to be fundamentally changed if we are going to eradicate them.

He said that Obama’s plan to lower civilian deaths by drone is not an effective strategy in defeating radical Islamic terror. More