There are times of crisis where truly good heroes run towards the danger instead of away. This is what a hero looks like. To stand up for what you believe even in the face of death. Amazing that there are truly brave people in this world. Shining a mirror on this man who was truly a man. His family must mourn his loss, but hopefully they find some comfort in knowing about his bravery.

Daily Mail: One of the US students killed in the Dhaka terror attack spurned his hostage takers’ offer to walk free – deciding to stay and die with his two female friends instead.

Emory student Faraaz Hossain was one of around 20 customers and as many staff inside the Holey Artisan Bakery when seven ISIS extremists armed with guns and ‘sharp objects’ burst in.

He and Abinta Kabir, 18, who was also enrolled at Emory, and Berkeley student Tarishi Jain, 19, were among the 20 people hacked to death inside the blood stained cafe.  More