Trust is something you gain not through hard work, but based upon your actions. Does it really matter? They are going to vote for her no matter what.  The only votes that really count right now are the independent votes, and I’m not sure what it would take to sway them or at the very least get them to stay home.

TWFB: ABC’s Cecilia Vega reported Sunday that the Hillary Clinton campaign was “certainly in damage control mode” in the aftermath of her FBI interview over the criminal investigation into her private email server, adding that trust was an issue even with her own supporters.

Clinton was interviewed by the FBI for three-and-a-half hours as the probe into her private server and potential mishandling of criminal investigation at the State Department entered its final stages. Vega said the interview happening on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend was part of the campaign’s strategy to limit the bad publicity.

“There were no videos, no photos of Hillary Clinton going in or out of the FBI headquarters,” Vega said. “That’s the last thing the campaign wanted in this, for an image like that to emerge. Her campaign is certainly in damage control mode right now.” More