Double standard hypocrites! Any other government employee would be fired, investigated and face jail time. Congratulations to the FBI you have now told the American people it’s ok to jeopardize national security and there will be absolutely no consequences.

Why are we rewarding lawlessness and complete incompetence?

Fox News:

House Speaker Paul Ryan weighed in on the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, saying that the Democratic candidate lives above the law.

Ryan said that it sounded as if FBI Director James Comey was preparing to recommend prosecution against Clinton for mishandling classified information and being grossly negligent, only to recommend against it.

“People have been convicted for far less,” Ryan said on The Kelly File. “This certainly does underscore the belief that the Clintons live above the law, and this is one of the reasons why people are so dissatisfied, so upset about government. They think that people live by a different set of rules, and the Clintons, they take the candle on this one.” More