Isn’t this impossible? The feds are always on vacation. Since when has this administration or anyone serving under it ever followed the rule of law?  Respect for the law is long gone. Start holding the State Department appointees and employees in contempt. Hold the Justice Department lawyers in contempt. Fine them, jail them. This might get their attention.

Daily Caller:

A federal judge ordered the Department of State to speed up delivery of documents related to then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s decision to continue awarding contracts to a defense manufacturer guilty of lying to government officials.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon told officials that even if it meant giving up weekends, State had to speed up delivery of all memos and communications with British defense contractor BAE Systems.

“Tell your colleagues at the State Department … weekend trips to Nantucket should be off the table,” Leon said to one of the federal lawyers in court Wednesday, according to the Associate Press. “They should be rolling up their sleeves to get this done.”

The documents are related to State’s decision to continue contracting with the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems after the company pleaded guilty to misleading investigators concerning compliance to regulations restricting foreign arms trafficking. More