Isn’t it amazing? When reality reaches the wallet people pay close attention. One day there may be a wanted poster with Al Gore’s picture being the most wanted man in the world for fraud. If it needs subsidizing, it’s not a viable energy source. Now it is time for the United States to follow suit.

Daily Caller: 

Britain’s new government abolished its Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Thursday morning, ridding the country of its global warming bureaucracy.

Officials stated that the DECC has been abolished and U.K.’s environmental policy is will be transferred to a new ministry called the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Some former DECC’s functions will be outright abolished, while others will be handed back to the new ministry.

The new agency will be headed by Greg Clark, who has a record of opposing wind power, causing environmentalists to panic. British wind companies, particularly ones that specialize in offshore wind power, were already worried that Brexit places the government subsidies and easy access to financing at risk. The industry is deeply dependent on these subsidies to make projects more economically viable. More