The events are totally unrelated and the students and professors are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame.  Feelings hurt? Better suck it up buttercup and move along. This is what happens when a generation is raised under the everyone gets a ribbon ideology. Another college to cross off the list?

Campus Reform:

Students and faculty at the University of Mississippi are expressing disgust with the university’s Chancellor for offering condolences to the Dallas shooting victims without mentioning other recent shootings.

At a forum hosted Monday by the Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement, students and faculty gathered to reflect on and discuss the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, with several attendees taking the opportunity to complain that the administration has been insufficiently sympathetic with respect to those incidents.

“I honestly feel as if Vitter does not understand what inclusiveness means.”    Tweet This

The Daily Mississippian reports that one student brought up a tweet made by UM Chancellor Jeff Vitter the night of the attack in Dallas, which read “Ole Miss hearts heavy with the news of the tragedy in Dallas. Sending our thoughts and our prayers.”

In a post on his official blog two days before the forum, however, Chancellor Vitter also alluded to the tragic events that occurred throughout the nation in recent weeks, saying “we mourn for everyone” without mentioning any specific incidents. […]

“I honestly feel as if Vitter does not understand what inclusiveness means,” Ole Miss student Tinecia Francis complained with apparent sincerity during the forum. “His team told us to go look at his blog, but we should not have to do that because he should not have said it.” More