We all know what the liberal media agenda is. Lies and propaganda to fit their narrative. Cuomo is doomed to swim forever in the river of “de-nile.” He has been bought and paid for & knows better than to refuse to defend Hillary.


In the midst of the RNC convention, CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo became unhinged during an interview with three conservative commentators as he pounced on the current GOP reluctance to discuss accusations of plagiarism against Melania Trump. During the interview Cuomo also interjected how the Republicans continued to bring up Hillary Clinton’s email servers, in which the following remarks ensued

CHRIS CUOMO: This was a good night for your party, Margaret. Came out strong out of the box with what they believe the theory of the case is to win laid out most passionately by Mayor Rudy Giuliani. But lying matters. If you lie small, you’ll lie big in politics. Look back in the Iraq war that Donald Trump is such a big fan of, what happened with the yellow cake, it was about lying. Weapons of mass destruction was about lying. You’re banging on the e-mail situation not because classified information got sent, because it didn’t in any real way and we all know that, but it’s about lying. How is that not communicated by this situation?

MARGARET HOOVER: Well, that doesn’t square with the major allegation about Hillary’s credible and Hillary’s honesty, right? More

Chris, you’re calling FBI Director Comey a liar?