Picky… Would you like a little cheese with your whine? I’m waiting for the day when they run out of white things to call racist. Then théy’ll find a way to complain about the snow being white.

The amount of stupidity required to accept this as a valid observation is way beyond any comprehension. Reminds me of Albert Einstein’s quote, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it’s limits!”

The Lid:

After Mrs. Trump displayed class and grace in speech where she spoke of her love of her adopted country and her family, the media rightfully pointed out the 70 out of 2000 words, her speechwriter took from a Michelle Obama speech.  But it didn’t stop there–it became a major national incident.  They spent more time on the Melania Trump “plagiarism scandal” than they did covering Hillary Clinton’s lies the day after her congressional testimony.

That wasn’t even the crazy part. According to Elizabeth Wellington, fashion writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer the dress Melania Trump wore was an example of the racism of both the Republican Party and Donald Trump (H/T Freedom Outpost).

So while Trump appeared flawless on the Cleveland stage Monday night, whether she intended it or not, her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party. To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right.

Four years ago, Republicans fretted about trying to diversify their base, in the wake of Barack Obama’s clear voter mandate. This time around, with Trump at the top of the ticket, it’s obvious that ship has sailed. On Monday night, Melania Trump was a not-so-subliminal billboard for what’s looking like the Trumpian view of an ideal America.

And if that’s the fashion statement she intended to make, it’s a very scary one. More