I would love to be a fly on the wall during the meetings between Democratic National Convention and media on how to spin all this stuff. I’ve not heard a single mention of the fence, and CNN was showing the convention center before it went up trying to passing it off as it was today.

The Hill:

Bernie Sanders supporters took to the streets Sunday to protest using the same controversial lines that had been used by Republicans at their convention last week.

The Wall Street Journal reports that protesters chanted both “Lock her up” with some wearing “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts they marched in Philadelphia the day before the party’s convention.

The chant echoed throughout last week’s Republican convention in Cleveland, a regular response to almost any criticism of Clinton. And “Hillary for Prison” shirts could be spotted across the city, as vendors lined the streets hocking a slew of controversial shirts to convention-goers[…]

The chants typify the concerns about party unity leading up to the convention, concerns that have only been exacerbated by the recent release of hacked DNC emails that showed the party rooting for Clinton to defeat Sanders.