Democrats are such total hypocrites. Didn’t Hillary say let’s build bridges not walls? Then why didn’t she build a bridge at DNC? Rules are for the little people. Walls and guns are for the select few.


Democrats have been blasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his statements that we need a strong wall to keep Americans safe. Now, it looks like some of them have changed their tune, and the entire group should wear that “hypocrite” badge proudly.

The Democrat National Convention begins this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to formally celebrate and kick off more campaigning. The Democratic National Committee has decided that only elites will have the privilege of attending their convention, and the average Democrat will have to just stay away unless they scale a wall.

The DNC has erected a fence around its convention site at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. As if that isn’t hypocritical enough, the DNC’s fence will be protecting a building named after a bank, an entity the left has come to hate with a vitriolic passion. The wall is designed to keep out individuals that the Democrats just don’t feel like dealing with. The fence is 4 miles long and 8 feet high. More