The depraved death cult use the torture device to snap the spines of prisoners.

Welcome to the new dark ages! These psychopaths can’t invent anything worthwhile like art, music, food, science but they can sure kill people in very inventive ways. Religion of Peace. Like it or we’ll kill you for saying you don’t.

The Sun:

THIS disturbing picture shows the gruesome bone-cracking instrument known as the ‘Flying Carpet’ which depraved ISIS militants use to torture their victims.

The extremist thugs strap their prisoners to a metal or wooden board, which has hinges in the middle, enabling the ends to be brought together – bending the spine of the hostage.

Dissident group ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ revealed the stomach-churning practice which can lead to the spine and ribs snapping.

The underground movement has uncovered sickening details of the excruciating cartilage-crunching torments meted out to prisoners in the terror group’s jails in Syria and Iraq.

Another method is called the ‘shabeh’ or ‘ghost’ which involves an inmate being hung by his hands above the floor for days at a time.

The group said: “The prisoner often loses his ability to move his hands – dislocating his joints. More