It is okay for illegals to break in our country, but it is not okay for Americans to break into the democrat’s convention? What is wrong with this picture? This is why the border fence needs to have two layers with a minefield in between. The DNC fence is completely laughable.

PHILADELPHIA –– Activists opposed to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shoved open an imposing security fence on Wednesday evening as President Barack Obama addressed the delegates, triggering the most intense standoff with police this week near the Democratic National Convention.

“Don’t do it,” a young woman pleaded with a man in his 20s moments before the fence crashed open. He donned a bandana anyhow and moved swiftly toward the barricade, which flung open as though it was a pair of french doors.

There was little warning that this would happen, despite loud chants of “open the gates!” shortly before and tepid banging against them by supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, runner-up to Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Moments before the gate-crashing, the crowd of hundreds was most enthusiastic about the chant “Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!”

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