Bill Clinton is in some sort of death spiral and it is not very pretty either, he’s looking like death has already warmed over. When are they going to admit that Bill is not well? It’s all too obvious. I was stunned to see him doddering around on the stage open-mouthed when the balloons came down, especially after seeing him a relatively normal older guy the night before.


Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD! #trumppence2016

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  • Trump’s latest Instagram video pokes fun at Bill Clinton over TV footage showing him with his eyes closed during Hillary’s speech Thursday night
  • It’s possible the former president was just casting his eyes downward to look at TV monitors
  • But Trump went on the attack, tweeting: ‘Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD!’
  • The video includes a plain-text message: ‘It’s time to wake up and make America great again!’ More