After Sharia court convicts him of stealing… Comes straight out of the Koran, yet still nothing to do with Islam? Folks this is Sharia law in action & headed to a town near you.

It’s funny that ISIS can hold these trials outside, with hand and head cuttings gatherings every single day, but the world’s most powerful military who has access to satellites that can read the date on a dime cannot seem to locate ISIS to bomb them into oblivion.

RAQQA – Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Sunday punished a young Syrian man in the northeastern city of Raqqa by cutting off his right hand after accusing him of theft, activists reported.

Two ISIS militants carried out the punishment in front of dozens of people in a public square in Raqqa city.

“The man’s right hand was amputated after the ISIS-linked Hisba police accused him of stealing, but they didn’t explain what this young man has exactly stolen,” a media activist told ARA News in Raqqa, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A member of the ISIS-led Sharia Court read a statement prior to conducting the punishment on Sunday afternoon, saying that the Islamic Sharia recommends the amputation of the right hand of any citizen charged with theft.