DeRay Mckesson has no intention of taking this all the way to court because he knows full well it will be cheaper for the city to throw him a $50,000 bone to settle out of court. He was there to cause trouble and got arrested on purpose, oh boohoo! Go whine to your mama, because she’s the only one who cares.

Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore schools administrator and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson has filed a class-action lawsuit against Baton Rouge over the arrests of hundreds during the protest of a deadly police shooting last month.

Mckesson’s attorney, Roy J. Rodney Jr., said he is alleging the arrests of the protesters were illegal, and the jurisdiction must return to them their bond money and expunge any arrest records. The suit does not seek damages, but seeks to recoup money spent fighting what Rodney called unlawful arrests.

“It’s a wonderful thing that Mr. Mckesson has done,” Rodney said. “The lawsuit is narrowly tailored. Many of these protesters were young people. They don’t have money to pay these fees. They should not have the stigma of an unlawful arrest to follow them in the digital age. More


Mckesson Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Baton Rouge by Alicia Fix Luke on Scribd