Nothing at all nefarious… You just had to take the money and go get it laundered in Switzerland, then ship it in on an unmarked plane in the darkness of night.

This kind of corruption and depravity the Democrats engage in makes me what to vomit. It shows us time and time again how totally dishonest they all really truly are.


Reuters: President Barack Obama on Thursday strongly pushed back against criticism that the administration’s payment of $400 million in cash to Iran amounted to ransom in exchange for the release of American prisoners.

Iran released the five detainees on Jan. 16 after the United States had agreed to grant clemency to seven Iranians held mostly for sanctions violations and drop charges against 14 Iranians overseas. The payment, which the administration announced the following day, coincided with the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran as part of a historic nuclear deal reached last year.

“We announced these payments in January, many months ago. It wasn’t a secret. This wasn’t some nefarious deal,” Obama said at a press conference at the Pentagon. More

CNBC: Obama said the timing of the deal was dictated by the assessment of American lawyers, who said waiting could end up costing American taxpayers billions of dollars.

He said the payment was cash because the U.S. has no banking relationship with Iran. More