America needs Donald Trump For President so he can get rid of the waste and total corruption that has invaded our Government. Trump is the only one who is willing give to up his comfort zone to help America. For free even without pay. The first person to do this since George Washington.

Joe the Plumber is all in for Donald Trump & putting his money where his mouth is. Joe the Plumber has been busy fighting for the average American worker whose only desire is to provide for his family, without the government taking all of his hard-earned money. He recently, took that fight to a whole new level when he delivered his whole-hearted endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump… and he did it in style.

Listen as Joe explains why you need to support Trump, in typical BIG Midwest fashion…

The Trump TruckJoe the Plumber is giving away The Trump Truck!

Posted by Joe the Plumber on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

“The Trump Truck” has been rolling along attracting gawkers and calling Americans to vote for Trump come November. Now the owners of the truck have come up with the brilliant plan of GIVING the TRUCK Away, all in an effort to make people aware of how much is at stake during the 2016 presidential election. If you want a chance to win “The Trump Truck,” click the link and register for the giveaway now!

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