Reduce Tax Rates, Make Child Care Tax Deductible, Kill Death Tax.

Trump the most conservative Republican since Reagan. Kind of what Reagan did, and his hands were tied by the Democrats in congress. It took the Democrats 30 years to break the gains that were made. Instantly met with liberal disapproval as government spending would take a hit.

Hillary has never created a job in her life. In fact, she has never accomplished anything in her life.

Starts at 33:25

Daily Mail:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will propose imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations, reviving the Obama-stalled Keystone oil pipeline project, slashing business tax rates and making childcare expenses fully tax-deductible, in a landmark economic speech Monday.

A campaign aide who asked not to be identified told a Reuters reporter that ‘we don’t want it to be an economic disadvantage to have children.’

Trump’s proposals include measures to dramatically reduce income tax rates and simplify taxes for all Americans. He would trim the number of personal tax brackets from seven to just three.

He would also ‘remove bureaucrats who only know how to kill jobs; replace them with experts who know how to create jobs,’ according to an outline of the speech shared with a few reporters. More