Wow. That should work or not. Is there like some Clinton Foundation guidebook that says: “The easiest way to respond any question is repeat the lie with a smile big enough to keep your upper teeth exposed at all times?” All Hillary’s spokesmen all do the very same thing and it’s actually very creepy.

Was wondering how long it would take Hillary to tell us what we saw and heard the FBI Director say was not what we saw and heard.

Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton’s deputy communications director Kristina Schake said Monday that Clinton “disagrees” that emails she sent and received on her private email server were, indeed, classified.

FBI Director James Comey confirmed that Clinton sent and received classified material on her personal email server, contradicting a prior claim by Clinton.

She and her campaign have been trying to deny that her prior claim was in conflict with Comey’s statement.

Asked on CNN about Comey’s statement, Schake said, “He’s talking about 110 emails that she has consistently said she does not believe were classified. And he himself, in the testimony, said they were not marked classified. They didn’t have the stamp on it.” More