Wait A Minute… Don’t they have the strictest gun laws in the entire country? These criminals know they shouldn’t use guns!

The Democrats have “socially engineered” this situation for over fifty years. They totally own this.

The police know the Chicago gangs are distributing fully automatic weapons and plan on hunting police officers. Why are they not kicking in doors right now, this second?

The Blaze: Chicago police released bodycam footage Friday of the fatal shooting of Paul O’Neal, a black 18-year-old and suspected car thief. On Tuesday, officials reported that three Chicago gangs have launched a plan to target police officers in an act of revenge.

According to Fox News, one gang has claimed to have a sniper in place and said that it has distributed illegal automatic weapons to other gangs. Local authorities are on high alert, and officers have been asked to “limit their interactions” as well as their visibility. More