With no mention of radical Islam…

Oh, course he attended a Hillary rally. Doesn’t this just make you cringe, especially considering the backdrop audience is most definitely strategic?

She and her team can deny this all they want. They knew who he was and NO ONE just walks into a rally and sits behind the candidate.

WZ: I still can’t wrap my head around this one. How did the father of the jihadist who committed the worst terror attack on US soil since 9/11 get VIP seating to a Hillary Clinton campaign rally?

Breitbart: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton paid tribute to the shooting victims of the terrorist attack at a gay night club in Florida — even as the father of the shooter, Seddique Mateen, was sitting right behind her.

“I know how many people, loved ones and friends, are still grieving,” she said during her rally in Kissimmee, Florida. “And I want them to know that we will be with you. We will be with you as you rebuild your lives, as you rebuild hope for the future, because we can’t ever let that kind of hatred and violence break the spirit, break the soul, of any place in America.” More