Planned Parenthood would like to provide you with a kinder, gentler murder of your baby.

No virtual reality of a partial birth abortion? No? I wonder why… Now let’s see a baby’s 3D view of the forceps heading into the womb. What about the “total experience?”

Why would this really surprise anyone? It’s sickening nonetheless.

Daily Signal:

Planned Parenthood’s virtual reality exhibit promoting access to abortion at the Democratic National Convention doesn’t depict reality, pro-life groups tell The Daily Signal.

The nation’s largest abortion provider “is using technology and computer-generated imagery to perpetuate lies about the pro-life movement as a whole, and to advance its abortion brand,” pro-life advocate Arina Grossu said.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the organization’s lobbying arm, set up what it calls a firsthand look at a visit to an abortion clinic for convention attendees, The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness reported from Philadelphia.

A 7-minute video projected through headphones and high-tech goggles, spokeswoman Kristen Tilley said, allowed convention goers to experience “what it’s like to cross the line of anti-abortion protesters who stand outside abortion clinics to bully and intimidate patients and staff.”

The Planned Parenthood video, “Across the Line,” walks the viewer through computer-generated scenes that the organization says depict what a pregnant woman experiences, including approaching an abortion clinic and being counseled inside an exam room.