Anyone with principles will be persecuted in the current political climate. I admire him for sticking to his guns. NEWSMAXTV will be the one who regrets this decision.

Dennis Michael Lynch was notified by NewsmaxTV that the program is finished.  He received the notification via an email entitled, ‘Termination of Contract.’

The email states his termination is a result of the comments he made on the show last night, and because he was“unwilling to follow the reasonable directives of Newsmax in connection with hosting the nightly news/talk program.” 

You can view Dennis Michael Lynch’s reply letter to NewsmaxTV and the full story HERE.

Watch what he did that got him let go. Did he do anything wrong? Sound off below.

“I want to thank Newsmax for the opportunity to host a program each night at 9pm ET.   I also want to thank my team of producers who worked hard each night.  But most importantly, I thank my viewers who tuned-in religiously, and who took the time each night to send me the sort of comments that stick with a man for a lifetime.

Read his classy response in full here.