Interesting so people with racist views towards cops, based on a lie, hands up don’t shoot, are now deciding what to do about other racists, some things never change.

Simply solution: just number the buildings because no matter who they name a building after it will offend someone at some point.

I’m going to out on a limb here, but by chance were Matthew Deady and Dunn Hall both democrats?

Daily Caller:

The University of Oregon (UO) appears ready to acquiesce to Black Lives Matter by renaming two buildings on campus named for men who held racist views.

In November, 2015, the UO Black Student Task Force presented a list of 12 demands to administrators at the school. The demands included requiring all students to take an ethnic studies class, creating special black-only scholarships, and hiring more black professors in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines.

But the top demand on the list, and one UO has actually moved substantively to meet, was to rename certain buildings on UO’s flagship Eugene campus. In January, UO administrators created a committee to review the fate of Deady Hall, named for Matthew Deady, and Dunn Hall, named for Frederick Dunn. Deady was a judge and politician who helped create Oregon’s state Constitution, which barred all black people from the state. Dunn was a prominent professor in the early 20th century, who also was an officer with the Ku Klux Klan during its 1920s heyday.

“Allowing buildings to be named after [KKK] members who support [racist] views is in direct conflict with the university’s goal [to] keep black students safe on campus,” the November demand list said. More