So El Shehaby can put his hands all over the Israeli during the match, but not after he’s been beaten. Shaking hands would be a gesture of goodwill. Muslims for the most part, don’t possess it. Stuff like this at the Olympics should be an automatic “you’re outta here for good!” No questions asked.


RIO DE JANEIRO — Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby was loudly booed after his first-round Olympics loss to Israel’s fifth-ranked Or Sasson on Friday, when he refused to bow or shake Sasson’s hand, in a major breach of judo etiquette.

Sasson defeated El Shehaby with two throws for an automatic victory, with about a minute and a half remaining in the bout.

Afterwards, El Shehaby lay flat on his back for a moment before standing to take his place before Sasson, in front of the referee. When Sasson extended his hand, El Shehaby backed away, shaking his head. More