No surprise here. Will conservatives in Congress do anything to stop the Obama regime? Nope, they are too busy attending Never Trump conventions in luxury resorts.

The liberal plan to remove civilian firearms is death by a thousand and one cuts. They will continue to restrict and regulate everything they can think of. There is no regulation or law that can’t be spun as responsible. If Hillary is elected this will massively accelerate.

Daily Caller:

Gunsmiths around the country say they were blindsided by President Obama’s latest executive order that would make their trade qualify as manufacturing and therefore eligible for all the mandated regulations and fees that go along with that classification.

“When you have expanded the definition of manufacturing to include enhancements and the function of the weapon, you are basically opening the door to everything you do would make you a manufacturer,” Iowa gunsmith Mike Ware told The Daily Caller.

The president’s executive order, which Obama signed on July 22 — around the beginning of the Democratic National Convention — conveys to the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), which is primarily in charge of managing the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and establishing its rules, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). More