Will the State Department redact parts of the “unclassified” emails?

A Congress with any balls would just say no… you got a problem with that? We will defund you.

If Trump wins the presidency you can safely bet the paper shredders in D.C. will be working 24/7. They will have to destroy all the evidence that shows the truth.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department wants a chance to review notes and other materials from the FBI’s probe of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email use before any documents are provided to Congress, a spokeswoman said Monday.

House Republicans are pressing the FBI to release notes from its agents’ July interview with the Democratic presidential nominee. FBI Director James Comey subsequently criticized Clinton’s use of a homebrew email server to handle sensitive work-related emails as “extremely careless,” but said his agency’s yearlong investigation found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

Furious the FBI didn’t press charges against their political rival, Republicans now are demanding that the Justice Department open a new investigation into whether Clinton lied during testimony last year before the House Benghazi panel. They claim the FBI notes, which are typically kept confidential after an investigation is closed, may show Clinton provided inconsistent answers to questions about her handling of emails containing classified information.

Congressional aides told The Associated Press on Monday that they expect to receive the FBI’s notes from Clinton’s interview “at some point.” They spoke under condition of anonymity because they had not been authorized to publicly discuss the issue. More