Wow. That’s wonderful. A worthwhile program. Awesome idea until SEIU shows up demanding the homeless be unionized. They will be right down attempting to organize the workers; saying that they are being underpaid!

The liberals will never let this stand. It reeks of success and a real common sense solution to a real world problem.

Red Alert Politics:

Homelessness is on the rise in most major cities, and while some Democrats are turning to big government solutions, a Republican mayor from New Mexico is teaming up with non-profits and actually fixing the problem.

Albuquerque’s Mayor Richard Berry saw a rise in panhandlers in his city and knew that something had to be done. Rather than trying to kick them out, or just building new government shelters, he gave them a chance to work.

In September 2015, Berry launched “There’s a Better Way,” a government program that hires panhandlers to work on city beautification projects for $9 an hour. They’re also fed lunch and offered an overnight stay at a shelter.

The project has been a runaway success. The program has not only given out 932 jobs and cleared litter and weeds from 196 city blocks; it has also connected 100 homeless people to permanent employment, according to the Washington Post. More