You know at least ISIS is up front about its horrific intentions. The UN continues to masquerade as a morally upright, do-gooder organization while in reality being the greediest, most corrupt, power-hungry, morally-bankrupt organization on the planet. I hope I live to see them driven out of the US.

Question:  Hi.  I’m Danielle Ziri from The Jerusalem Post.  Just wanted to ask you about Israel.  It announced today that they had uncovered a Hizbullah cell that was operating within their territory, planning attacks.  The Israeli ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, did issue a statement this morning asking the UN to designate Hizbullah as a terror organization.  Do you have any response to that… to that?  And also, why has it not been done so far, since a lot of countries have designated it as a terror organization?  Why does the UN not…?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, the designation ultimately of terrorist organizations would come through… one way or another, through bodies of Member States.  In this case, most of the countries designated on the list of terrorist entities, what’s known as the consolidated list, were placed there by the members of the Security Council.  So, this is really a question for the members of the Security Council if they were… are going to take this action.  So, I would refer you over to them.  Yes?