Is it racist to make them pay for liquor, hair & smokes? What kind of savages take advantage of other people’s misfortunes and go looting to steal? Democrats? All around the world, in times of tragedy, people band together to help each other. Only in the U.S. do we have roving bands of people who loot, burn and steal when they really should be helping each other.


While many were displaced from their homes and uncertain about what will happen to them because of massive flooding, law enforcement said some people tried to take advantage of the situation.

Authorities said they arrested 14 people suspected of breaking into stores in areas affected by the natural disaster.[…]

Baker PD reported Green, Aubert, Kinchen and Dunn were arrested around 11 a.m. They are accused of stealing alcohol and cigars from Brother’s Food Mart on Groom Road. All four are charged with looting, burglary and unauthorized entry during emergency or disaster. Green and Kinchen were also charged with possession of marijuana.

EBRSO said Winborne, the Hendersons and Pounds were arrested around 8 p.m. They are accused of stealing $750 worth of merchandise from the Dollar General on South Harrells Ferry Road in Baton Rouge. They are all charged with looting, theft and violation of state of emergency proclamation. Winborne was also arrested on an outstanding warrant. More