Thanks to his rules of engagement…

Someone please tell me how exactly does this administration avoid civilian casualties by allowing 200 Islamic State fighters to flee?  This just encourages the further use of human shields.

This is all just more political posturing and it is killing the morale of the military having to put up with this kind of civilian nonsense.

Daily Caller: The Pentagon withheld fire on a convoy of 200 Islamic State fighters fleeing a major stronghold in Syria over the weekend out of fear of civilian casualties.

“We did not conduct any strikes because [every vehicle] had civilians in it or on it, and so we watched, we kept track,” Pentagon Spokesman Army Col. Chris Garver told reporters Tuesday.

Garver assured reporters the convoy was tracked and wouldn’t confirm its current location, saying it was part of an “ongoing operation.”

The ISIS fighters took flight after U.S.-backed fighters seized ISIS’s last stronghold on the Turkish border. ISIS used the town to ferry foreign fighters who arrived in Turkey to training camps and other cities throughout Iraq and Syria. More