Don’t You Dare Use The Word ‘Man’…

So now the “man” is going to tell me what words I can or can’t say? What about saying dude or bro? Are those also offensive and intended to harm the psyche of today’s special snowflakes? Oh wait I mean students. What about saying chicks? Do we have permission to still say that?

The College Fix: The Princeton University HR department has largely wiped the word “man” from its vocabulary.

Princeton HR Department Rewrites The English Language by Alicia Fix Luke on Scribd

The relatively new policy in effect at the Ivy League institution spells out the directive in a four-page memo that aims to make the department more gender inclusive.

Instead of using “man,” employees are told to use words such as human beings, individuals or people.

Other guidelines? Instead of “man and wife” use spouses or partners. Switch out “man made” with artificial, handmade or manufactured. Don’t use the verb “to man,” as in to work something, instead use to operate or to staff. Throw out workmanlike and replace it with skillful.

The memo goes on to list a variety of occupations that typically include the word “man” in them and offers replacements: business person instead of businessman, firefighter instead of fireman, ancestors instead of forefathers, and so on.

“Consistent with style guidelines issued by Princeton’s Office of Human Resources and Office of Communications, and as endorsed by the Institutional Equity Planning Group as a preferred University practice, HR has developed these gender inclusive style guidelines, to be utilized by all HR staff members in HR communications, policies, job descriptions, and job postings,” the memo states.

In a statement to The College Fix, John Cramer, Princeton’s director of media relations, said the guidelines “reflect the university’s initiative of fostering an inclusive environment.” More