Just follow the money trail…

I’m not really sure which is the larger or more deranged criminal enterprise, the Clinton Crime Family or the Obama Administration.

Can they literally get away with anything these days? What’s worse is half the country continues to support them no matter what the crime, and the media is complicit in suppressing all these stories.

Daily Caller:

Now that the media and public have taken advantage of the opportunity to review the more than 20,000 leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, a few (if any) surprises surfaced in the correspondence. While the embarrassment in confirming what was already suspected about the DNC’s political activities led to resignations of top officials, it is puzzling that few have focused on following the much more intriguing money trail. There are many interesting pieces to puzzle in the current batch of emails that should at least raise suspicions, and likely investigations into possible illegal activity […]

However, some of the leaked DNC emails suggest that federal officials on this Administrations’ payroll were using their office to sell access to elected officials and policymakers – something much worse than trying to sway primary voters to a favored candidate. What has been missing from the media coverage of these leaked emails is serious scrutiny of the far-too-cozy relationships they show between the DNC fundraisers and the president’s staff (paid for by taxpayer dollars), with links the Obama Foundation.

Taxpayers should not be on the hook to pay for the perks used by fundraisers to line their candidates and party committee’s pockets, nor for the future aspirations of political leaders. However it looks like we have been. Emails indicate a correlation between the money coming into the Democratic Party and access to the President and resulting patronage. Government officials may have even played a role in coordinating meetings with donors to the DNC to ask for additional support for the Obama’s Foundation (or its future activities.) More