Chelsea to stay on board, foundation will still take foreign and corporate cash. Yes pay-for-play will continue on business as usual. Hillary isn’t going to let go of her cash cow. She’s trying to have her cake and eat it too. She’s claiming that after the election she’ll decide what to do with it, which really means that if she’s elected, she’ll tell everybody to bad to sad she’s doing as she pleases.

Daily Mail:

Chelsea Clinton would remain on the Clinton Foundation’s board if her mother is elected president – despite her father saying he would quit.

A spokesperson for Chelsea Clinton told the Wall Street Journal that she plans to stay on with her family’s foundation, because she is ‘is committed to ensuring that those benefiting from the foundation’s work will be able to continue receiving that often-life-changing help.’
The spokesperson added that Chelsea Clinton would help ‘steward’ the changes to the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising policy.

The foundation is still discussing whether the former First Daughter would be involved in fundraising, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The Clintons are reportedly waiting until after the election to make an announcement on this.

Chelsea Clinton’s continued involvement with the foundation will likely draw fresh criticism from Hillary Clinton’s political opponents, who claim the Clinton Foundation has been used as an influence-buying operation and say it should be shut down. More