Her attitude might change if she would educate herself, and get a job. All people have the same opportunities in America, so quit looking for a hand out. This is just blatant racism! She’s saying that a life should matter more or less based only on the color of skin! How can she be that blind to her own racism?

The Blaze:

A BLM protester outside City Hall in New York City earlier this month shocked several passers-by with a provocative sign that read, “White lives matter too much.”

In a curbside interview with TheBlaze, he argued that the value of white Americans should be brought down in order to help black and brown Americans level up.

“If a certain group is undervalued, that means another group has to be overvalued,” he explained. “We know that black and brown bodies are undervalued in our society. Maybe we should start thinking about not only who is undervalued but who is overvalued in our society.” More