‘Significant’ docs will drop on Hillary Clinton before election. The longer he waits and the closer to the election it is, the more effective the damage will hopefully be. I’m just afraid that Julian Assange may end up “committing suicide” by shooting himself twice in the back of the head, if you know what we mean. Wikileaks is doing the job Justice and the FBI refuse to do.


Julian Assange, the co-founder and editor of Wikileaks, says that his organization will “absolutely” be releasing thousands of “significant” documents regarding Hillary Clinton before the Nov. 8 election.

“We’re working around the clock. We have received quite a lot of material,” Assange told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during an interview that aired Wednesday.

Asked if he will release the documents before the election, Assange replied: “Yes, absolutely.”

Assange has previously teased an “October surprise” that could threaten Clinton’s candidacy. The release, should it occur, would follow last month’s dump of nearly 20,000 pages of emails and documents hacked from the Democratic National Committee. More