Black Panther Leader Quanell X recognizes what a generation of race-hustlers hope a majority of blacks won’t ever, the liberals use blacks for votes and then shackles them into ‘urban plantations’ until they are needed for the next election vote. When just a few wakeup and realize they’ve been sold out for power and money, that’s when you may see changes. This could only hurt Hillary.

HOUSTON, Texas – The leader of Houston’s New Black Panther Party said blacks “are being pimped like prostitutes” by Democrats and should listen to the message from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump reached out to members of the black community last week during a speech following riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Houston’s New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X addressed Trumps Milwaukee speech on a Fox 26 Faceoff with conservative radio talk show host Matt Patrick. “Let me say this to the brothers and sisters who listened and watched that speech,” he said. “We may not like the vessel that said what he said, but I ask us to truly examine what he said.”

“It is a fact, that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America,” Quannel continued. “They have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We, as black people, have to re-examine the relationship where we are being pimped like prostitutes and they’re the big pimps – pimping us politically, promising us everything, and we get nothing in return.”

During Trump’s Milwaukee speech, the GOP nominee laid the blame for problems in America’s inner cities squarely at the feet of Democrats and specifically to Hillary Clinton, Breitbart News’ Warner Todd Huston reported. “To every voter in Milwaukee, to every voter living in the inner city or every forgotten stretch of our society, I’m running to offer you a much better future, a much better job,” Trump said. More