It’s quite simply a Muslim invasion that is being facilitated by Obama. I don’t know how anyone can possibly see it any differently. The Congress and Senate are allowing this. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. It looks like we need some house cleaning come November.

Perhaps if the Obama/Hillary/Kerry policies didn’t turn a blind eye to the genocide of Christians by Muslims there could have been more alive to make it to America?

CNS News:

(Update: As of midafternoon eastern time on Monday 224 new Syrian refugee arrivals have been reported. That lifts the total this fiscal year to 10,126, of whom 52 or 0.51 percent are Christians; and 9,945 or 98.2 percent, are Sunni Muslims.)

The Obama administration is expected on Monday – a month ahead of schedule – to achieve its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year.

As of late Sunday, 9,902 had been resettled in the United States, but more than 200 more are expected to arrive from Jordan and surrounding areas over the next day. U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells told reporters the 10,000 target announced by President Obama last September will be reached on Monday.

Barring an unlikely last-minute shift, the number of Christians among the 10,000 will be less than half of one percent.

Even worse 9,945 of the Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims.