Passage by the House on Thursday of a bill to increase domestic energy supplies, including development of a vast new source in the oil shale deposits of the American West, helps provide the type of energy solutions America needs, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

In a letter to the House prior to passage, AFBF President Bob Stallman explained that increasing U.S. energy security is an important issue for America’s farmers and ranchers.

“Farm Bureau believes finding comprehensive energy solutions can only strengthen American security while helping agriculture’s long-term economic health,” Stallman said.

The bill, as approved by the House, would end bureaucratic delays facing development of oil shale resources and direct the Interior Department to move ahead with a leasing program. It also allows for the development and recovery of new energy resources in the Outer Continental Shelf, and will open less than 3 percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to responsible energy development, Stallman said.