Why do Liberals hate the American flag so much? If it is legal to burn the flag, why is it deemed possibly illegal to carry the flag into an American sporting event?  If we don’t stand together against this kind of thing for our freedoms and the very symbol representing them will disappear.

OWASSO, Okla. – Owasso High School students contend officials turned them away from a school football game on Friday because they wanted to bring American flags into the event.

The incident occurred on the same night that a South Carolina high school banned students from displaying American flags at a football game.

flagrejectedIn northeast Oklahoma, Owasso senior Brandon Conrad said several students brought American flags and other patriotic gear to the USA-themed opening football game Friday, but they were turned away and forced to stash the stuff in their cars, KFAQ reports.

“Our principal told us it was ok … but when we got there Duffield tells us it’s not ok, which is our athletic director,” Conrad said.

Senior Connor Jones told the news site the students resisted, but police refused to allow them inside with Old Glory.

“Every time we asked why and tried to justify our case they just simply came back with take it up with Duffield and he haven’t heard from him,” Jones said. More