People need to wake up now. Hilary will build upon what Obama has already set up. If she elected we will never be able to recover. Millions of illegals will continue flood the country and this country will be forever changed in a horrific way. We have moved so far to the left, and there’s already so much corruption, it will not be able to be undone unless we elect Trump now.

The Constitution:

During his September 6 broadcast, conservative talk radio host and recent Trump detractor Mark Levin announced a change of direction saying he is now going to vote for Donald Trump for president. Not because he loves him some Trump, but because Hillary Clinton has to be stopped.

As he warmed to his tepid endorsement, and it was, indeed, a begrudging one, Levin reminded his audience that Trump is no conservative. For that matter, Levin also said we can’t even rely on Trump to stay on track with what he’s already said.

But saying this is “a binary election, at least for the country,” Levin endorsed Donald Trump. “Either Trump or Clinton will be president of the United States,” Levin said, He then went on to insist “I’m going to vote for Donald Trump” because “Hillary is so awful.”

Levin also noted that his pledge to vote for Trump should not be seen as a sudden blanket approval of everything Trump does or says. More