Matt Lauer really didn’t understand that the Clinton Crime Family will attack anyone that threatens her path to the White House. This was a clear message to the rest of the lap dogs in the media. Hillary is not good at anything that is productive, but she definitely excels at lying, blaming others for her mistakes and fundraising.


Hillary Clinton attacked Matt Lauer in a fundraising email the day after he moderated a forum between her and Donald Trump.

In an email sent out to supporters on Thursday, the Democratic nominee said Lauer failed to fact check what her opponent said during the Commander-in-Chief forum on NBC Wednesday night.

“Not only did the moderator, Matt Lauer, fail to fact-check Trump — he then kept the conversation moving,” the email read. “The worst part is, there’s nothing new about this happening.”

“We all know that Trump lies a lot. And we all know that many outlets in the press apparently lack the wherewithall to call him out — and help voters understand that what they’re hearing from Trump isn’t normal political talk, but an unprecedented descent into unqualified nonsense from a major-party presidential nominee.”

Lauer fielded a wave of criticism after he opened up the evening by asking Clinton about her email use while she was secretary of state. More