Timeline Shows Deliberate Deletion Of Emails After Subpoena Received…

Can we spare ourselves the tedious details and just agree that every word Hillary has spoken about her criminal email use and email server will always be false? Of course she’s still lying. She just can’t simply confess to literally thousands of felonies, now can she?

Free Beacon:

Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge reported Wednesday on Hillary Clinton’s emails having multiple classification markings.

First, Herridge addressed Clinton’s emails and their classification markings.

“One of our contacts has reviewed the three emails that had classified markings and they told us that one of the emails has multiple classified marketings, the ‘C’ for confidential, which is the lowest level of classification, and then every other paragraph is marked with the code ‘SBU,’ which means ‘Sensitive But Unclassified’ and you never see these codes in the context of anything but classified information,” Herridge said. “And this really undercuts Clinton’s claim to the FBI that when she was asked about the ‘C’ she thought it was like an ‘ABC’ alphabetical listing. This does not jibe with those documents.”

Host Bret Baier asked Herridge about the importance of the month of March 2015 and its role in the investigation of Clinton’s emails.

“Well, based on our reporting, this month is really the pivotal month when you look at the allegations of obstruction of justice,” Herridge said. “On March 2, 2015, the New York Times was first to report that Clinton was using this personal account for government business.” More