Hey Nancy, they wouldn’t have been hacked if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee used a secure server. We are entitled to know the truth. Besides the democrats wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to use anything they could to defeat Trump, or even make stuff up to try to denigrate him.

Business Insider:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked House Speaker Paul Ryan in a Tuesday letter to oppose any efforts from Republicans or Democrats to use leaked documents published online as fodder for the 2016 campaign.

Pelosi called the “sophisticated Russian cyber-attack” an “insidious” effort to tamper with the US election, comparing it to other instances in Europe, and said documents leaked as a result should not be used by the National Republican Congressional Committee or the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Hacked documents released earlier this summer revealed internal communications and phone numbers from Democratic House members. Republicans have not been the victims of similar cyber-hacking attacks.

“Russia’s cyber attack is an unprecedented assault on the sanctity of our democratic process,” she wrote in her letter. “We must come together to say that defending our democracy from Russia’s meddling is more important than any advantage or disadvantage in this election.” More