Heading to American streets thanks to the Democratic party. When it happens to you or your loved ones just remember who to thank for bringing them here!  Europe is imploding right before our very eyes, and only the leaders of these countries are to blame. Yes Germany y’all can blame Merkel!

The Constitution:

We’re starting to sound like a broken record, aren’t we? Those of us who have been warning about the dangers of unchecked, unvetted Muslim migration to the West are getting tired of having to say “We told you so.” Sadly, it seems that none of our leaders in the West have been listening to us, because they continue to allow the unfettered flow of Muslim migration into our homelands.

Recently, the Obama administration celebrated hitting their goal of 10,000 new Muslim refugees accepted (they accomplished the feat ahead of schedule – the first time in the Obama era the government has done anything quickly). In Germany, Angela Merkel just suffered yet another electoral defeat seemingly BECAUSE OF her apathetic attitude towards the overwhelming flood of Muslims entering Germany (and the havoc they’ve wreaked in the process).

Angela Merkel was facing calls to toughen her immigration policies after her Christian Democrat party went down to an historic defeat to the far-Right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in local elections last weekend.

The German chancellor said she took “personal responsibility” for the defeat which came a year after she threw open Germany’s borders to a million refugees – and a year before next year’s general election when she is expected to seek a historic fourth term. More