It makes me sick to my stomach to see the laws of our land are only applicable to whomever the Justice Dept. deems they want to punish. FBI Director Comey has forever been tarnished along with throwing away  his once solid reputation. One has wonder what is his reason was for letting Clinton off with such a mild rebuke?


Despite the F.B.I.’s politics-based decision to excuse Hillary Clinton from prosecution for her illegal use of a private email server hidden in her New York home, there are still hearings going on into Hillary’s breach of our nation’s secrecy laws, and this week Hillary’s IT operatives made some startling news.

As we noted here at earlier this month, it seems clear that F.B.I. Director James Comey decided to destroy his otherwise stellar reputation by bowing to political pressure to excuse Hillary from prosecution despite the obvious facts of the case.

In the end, it is clear that Hillary Clinton gave the F.B.I. ample reason to recommend she be indicted for her crimes. But it also seems clear Comey had a political end in mind for his investigation. As far as Comey was concerned, Hillary’s criminal behavior was going to be ignored from the start.

Even though the F.B.I. and the Obama-controlled Department of Justice have refused to prosecute Hillary for crimes any other American would have been thrown in jail over, there are still hearings being held and this week some explosive facts were revealed.

During hearings of the House Oversight Committee, for instance, we learned that the man who ran Hillary’s email server had no security clearance yet had access to every last classified email Hillary and her aides sent.

This is an astonishing lapse in national security. More