If you want an environment where your ideas go unchallenged you need to go to a silent monastery where you can contemplate your thoughts unchallenged. If you go to college or a university time to cowboy up and get ready to learn something new, not have your current beliefs reinforced just to make you happy.

College Fix:

In an August welcome letter to the class of 2020, University of Chicago Dean of Students John Jay Ellison told the students not to expect safe spaces and trigger warnings, telling the freshmen they are entering college, not preschool.

The letter went viral and was heralded by many as a breath of fresh air against the tide of precious snowflakes and self-righteous social justice warriors that have a stronghold on campuses nationwide.

Now, some 140-plus University of Chicago professors have responded to the viral sensation — by defending safe spaces and trigger warnings in a jointly signed letter to “Students of the Class of 2020” that’s published by The Chicago Maroon campus newspaper.

“To start a conversation by declaring that such requests [for safe spaces and trigger warnings] are not worth making is an affront to the basic principles of liberal education and participatory democracy,” the professors say in a rebuke of Ellison’s words.

The scholars go on to suggest trigger warnings generate classroom discussions, not inhibit them. More